Hey Rockers!! Important announcement!!

Hey Rockers ..our shows have been postponed for awhile due to the current state of the virus! We hope to play for all of our fans soon!! Thank you for the love and support!! Remember we still have Skype concerts…

Hey Rockers! Our New Music video is out "Down" worldwide!

Hey Rockers! We are excited our new music video for "Down" from our new EP StunGun is out now worldwide on Youtube!

Watch it here:Bob Dee with Petro - Down on our website in our video section!! https://youtu.be/MIXgZLw5KTA

New EP "StunGun" release through AMG on SONY records!!

Hey Rockers! We are excited to announce our new 6 song EP release on Jan 14 worldwide through AMG and SONY records. The EP features 6 tracks with the hit singles " Monkey On My Back" and "Down" New music…

Happy New Year to all our fans around the world!

Happy New Year! Thank you to all our fans around the world.. its been an amazing year for Bob Dee with Petro

we are looking forward to 2020 with a new album, video and new merch!!' You Rock!

New Review in Seth's Rock Report!!!

Hey Rockers!! Check out the new review in Seth's Rock Report of our new single "God Rest Ye"

Check it out here: https://sethsrockreport.com/bob-dee-with-petro-releases-god-rest-ye-merry-gentlemen-a-must-for-your-holiday-playlist/?fbclid=IwAR3-HYFVWn7RwGObRaq4ViAr5V2hH-uoXDabLAiGCg_EuCSvUSb9t1LlVk0