Bob Dee signs Major Deal with SONY Records

New Film out Now!! 'The Making Of Burning Rain" 

New Film "The Making Of Burning Rain" A film doc of the process of recording our new CD and then playing the final songs on tour overseas to rave reviews and an Encore in Japan!
Directed by Peter Haas, Starring Bob Dee & Brian Bauers, Studio footage in US filmed by "Keef" Footage filmed in Japan: Yoshito & Machiko
Whitewater studios in Brooklyn, NY, Japan musicians:Bob Dee: vocals & guitar, Satoshi'Kammy" Kamiegawa: drums, Mark Williams: bass & Tsutomu Fukui: guitar, filmed at Club FAn-J Osaka, Japan
Special thanks to: Duane Levi at "The Kansai Music Festival" and a big Thank You to all of our fans and friends in Japan that made our tour a success!

New single "Obsession" out today! 

Hey Rockers new single out today "Obsession" off of our new CD "Burning RAin" coming out Dec 10 
The song features  Bob Dee vocals guitars, Brian Bauers bass, Scott Campbell drums. Song written by Bob DEE Del Buono, Del Buono Music ASCAP 2013
Recorded at White water studios Brooklyn, NY MAstered by Andy Baldwin, Brooklyn NY

New Japan Tour Pickcards on sale here only available in Japan, Buy Now 

Yes Rockers New Bob DEE with Petro Pickcards are in , They were sold only in Japan, now YOU can buy here!!!
HAs Up All Night Image on front and guitar picks with JApan Tour on them
A special thanks to Neil Rapaport and the staff at Pickcard for sending out to Japan to make these a hot seller!!

We Rocked Japan!! Encore Saturday Night!! 

We Rocked!!Great time In Japan, we want to thank everyone who came out to see us play in Osaka, Japan!!
We want to thank Duane Levy for The Kansai Music Conference, Dom Steward for hooking us all up and the sound, lighting and tech crews at the Club Fan-J
Petro band was Awesome!! Mark Williams on bass guitar, Satoshi"Kammy" Kamiegowa on drums and Tsutomu Fukui on guitar Bob Dee vocals guitar
see photos and we filmed video for upcoming film too!!